Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Batik Motif : Parang Rusak - Original from Java

Parang Rusak batik motif is the original came from Java Island of Indonesia. At the time of the kingdom and sultanate of Java, which may use the Parang Rusak batik motif is ONLY the king and royal family. Ordinary people are not allowed to use Parang Rusak batik motif. Parang means sword that illustrate courage.

Photo : Sultan HB VI wear Batik parang Rusak

Look at the photos of Sultan HB VI which is the king of Yogyakarta, which ruled in the year 1855 - 1877 (source Wikipedia & Tropen museum Netherlands). He is a king to use cloth with Parang Rusak batik motif.

Photo : Motif Batik Parang Rusak

It is clear that the batik that have hundreds or thousands of these motifs are derived from Java Island of Indonesia since the 9th century. Batik has been recognized by UNESCO as one of Indonesian culture.

It is embarrassing when there are individuals or entity in Malaysia, who claimed and patented Parang Rusak batik in Malaysia.


  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am with a Japanese TV production called Telecom Staff Inc. My name is Tomonori Ohashi.
    We are making a TV episode about batik for NHK, the oldest television station in Japan.
    The shooting was already done in Indonesia in June.
    The director wants to introduce the history of batik.
    We'd like to use a picture in your blog.
    (Sultan HB VI wear Batik parang Rusak)
    I really appreciate if you let us use the picture and we will put your name on the ending role.
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    1. Dear Mr. Tomonori Ohashi,

      The picture of Sultan HB VI (1855-1877) was copied from wikipedia.